Best Marble Cake Recipe Ever - Bester Marmorkuchen aller Zeiten!

Marble Cake
No, I'm not exaggerating - this is truly the best marble cake recipe ever. On Sunday when we met with our friends for coffee I was terribly craving for the marble cake next table ;-) It looked so delicious I wanted to steal it. But I did not give in, I didn't order any cake but rather made my own marble cake as soon as we returned home. This marble cake recipe is based on a recipe from the famous, Michelin-starred cook Johanna Maier from Austria. I found it some years ago on the internet (I think on but it's not available any more.) and I've made this Marble Cake several times before. And it always turned out perfect. But as I was mixing the batter I decided to spice it up a little adding some more rum and some milk. Plus some chopped chocolate to make it chocolat-ier.

200g Butter (at room temperature)
8 Eggs
150g Icing Sugar
150g Caster Sugar
230g Flour
2 tbsp Milk
3 tbsp Rum
30g Cocoa Powder, unsweetened
100g Semisweet Chocolate, chopped
100g Semisweet Chocolate, melted

Preheat oven at 165° C. Seperate eggs and whisk egg whites with the icing sugar until stiff.
Beat butter with caster sugar and egg yolks in an extra bowl until fluffy. Add flour to the mixture and incorporate it, add the rum and the milk. Add carefully the stiff egg whites by the spoonful and fold them in.
Fill half of the batter into your buttered Bundt cake pan. (I always butter the pan and then coat it with a mixture of 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp flour and 2 tbsp bread crumbs. Remove spare flour/sugar/bread crumb mixture.)

Add the cocoa powder, the melted and the chopped chocolate to the second half of your batter and mix it. Fill batter in your pan on top of the first batch of batter. If you want to look your cake more marbled than mine swirl the two batters with a fork or a knife. Or just leave it like that and put the pan into the oven as I did.

Bake for about 70 to 75 minutes. Your cake is ready when you instert a wooden stick in the middle of your cake and it comes out clean. Remove cake from oven and flip it over immediately. After cooling you can add a chocolate icing or dust it with icing sugar. Voila!

Marble Cake

Bester Marmorkuchen aller Zeiten!

Nein, ich übertreibe nicht - aber das ist einfach das beste Marmorkuchenrezept überhaupt! Dieses Rezept basiert auf einem Marmorkuchenrezept der Österreichischen Sterne-Köchin Johanna Maier, das ich vor einigen Jahren in der oder auf deren Internetseite gefunden habe. Ich habe dieses Rezept schon häufig gemacht und der Kuchen ist jedes Mal perfekt geworden. Super saftig! Und einfach lecker! Um den Kuchen noch schokoladiger zu machen, habe ich das Rezept mit Schokoladenstückchen und etwas Rum aufgemotzt :-)

200g Butter (Zimmertemperatur)
8 Eier
150g Puderzucker
150g Zucker
230g Mehl
2 Esslöffel Milch
3 Esslöffel Rum
30g Kakaopulver (ungesüßt)
100g Zartbitterschokolade (gehackt)
100g Zartbitterschokolade (geschmolzen)

Ofen auf 165° C vorheizen. Eier trennen und Eiweiß mit Puderzucker steif schlafen. Butter mit Zucker und Eigelben ein einer separaten Schüssel schaumig schlagen. Zu der Butter/Zucker/Eigelb-Mischung nun das Mehl, den Rum und die Milch geben und unterrühren. Vorsichtig den Eischnee löffelweise unterheben.

Die Hälfte des Teiges in eine gebutterte Gugelhupfform geben. Mein Geheimtipp für ein leichtes Lösen des Kuchens nach dem Backen: 1 EL Zucker, 1 EL Mehl und 2 EL Semmelbrösel mischen und in die gebutterte Backform geben. Alles gut schwenken, damit alle Stellen der Backform bedeckt sind und überflüssige Form mit Zucker/Mehl/Semmelbrösel-Mischung entfernen.

Zur zweiten Hälfte des Teigen das Kakaopulver, die geschmolzene sowie die gehackte Schokolade geben und verrühren. Anschließend ebenfalls in die Form geben. Um einen richtigen Marmoreffekt zu erzielen die beiden Teighälften mit einem Messer oder einer Gabel leicht verwirbeln.

Form in den Ofen geben und bei 165° C ca. 70 bis 75 Minuten backen. Der Kuchen ist fertig, wenn man mit einem Zahnstocher in die Mitte des Kuchens sticht und kein Teig nach dem Herausziehen daran haftet. Kuchen aus dem Ofen nehmen und hoch heiß auf ein Kuchengitter oder einen Teller stürzen. Wenn der Kuchen ausgekühlt ist mit Schokoladenguss glasieren oder Puderzucker bestäuben. Fertig!


  1. That sounds really delicious ... I'll definitely want to try this recipe.


  2. mmm, thanks for sharing the recipe, looks delicious.

  3. i love marble cake aswell. though it is a reason to buy one of those gugelhupf pans.

  4. I made this cake today. I made it in layer form and made a vanilla custard with fresh sliced bananas in the center. I frosted it with chocolate frosting and it was AMAZING! Rich and firm cake.

  5. Did you take a picture of it, Simicuter? Glad you liked the recipe....

  6. Deutsche wohnt in London traeumte gestern von Marmorkuchen, googled und hier war er. Der beste Marmorkuchen in der welt!!!!! Vielen Dank Frau Haselmayer :)

  7. Hi, I made a large tray of marble cake at work from a recipe in the kitchen's recipe box and it didn't turn out as well I remember it from my girl-hood days. So, I had to try it again this weekend. Found your recipe through Google and have just made it. I haven't had it yet - except for a crumb that came off when I turned the cake out of the bundt pan (and it was yummo!) - as it's for my sister-in-law's party tonight. It's already looking and smelling much, much better than the recipe from work. Thanks for sharing the recipe in English!

  8. Hi, please, what kind of flour is to be used for this cake? It doesn't seem to have any raising agent. I tried making it exactly as described here and it came out rather heavy and the mixture didn't fill my bundt pan (still tasted nice though!)


    1. Dear JM,

      I used the most common flour you can buy in every supermarket here in Germany: wheat flour type 405. It's a plain flour without any rising agents and in the USA/UK sold as cake or pastry flour as far as I know. You can also use all-purpose flour (in Germany I guess this is wheat flour type 550).

      This recipe uses no additional raising agents except the air from the stiff egg whites and the fluffy yolks. I can't really tell what went wrong...maybe you lost some of the air while folding in the egg whites? Or during baking?

      It really depends on the size and shape of your bundt cake pan how much it fills up...

  9. Hi, I am not quite sure I did the recipe right. I have never had to convert grams into cups or ounces. I goggled it and came up with all kinds of answers. Does anyone know the right conversions?

  10. I would like this recipe converted into cups or ounces also....thanks for giving it in english but we need cups and ounces...thanks so much...we love marble cake.