Martha Stewart Collection for Macy's

Martha Stewart Collection for Macy's
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Some of you have asked where I've gotten the cupcake tray and the spatula from the image in the lemon cupcake entry. They are from the Martha Stewart Collection for Macy's and yes, I brought them home all the way from NYC - along with the cake stand in the raspberries photo and the enamel on steel tea kettle . I was hoping and praying that no one wants to control our luggage at the airport because most likely they would have thought I'm totally crazy. While everyone brings iPods and MacBooks and clothes and stuff from the US to Germany I bring home tea kettles and cupcake trees and baking tools from Martha Stewart...

Clockwise: Martha Stewart Collection Cupcake Tree, Red Silicone Spatula, Blue Enamel on Steel Tea Kettle, Silicone 3-Piece Blue Bakeware Set and Cast Iron Cake Turntable (which was unfortunately way to heavy to bring home although I still wish I had bought it).

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  1. I wish I could buy the pink cake or the baker who is making the pink cake. That would be super fine.